Today, I took one of my favorite photos from baby Ellie's debut shoot, and experimented a little in post processing. I tend to be very conservative with photos - as in, I don't usually alter color very drastically. In the spirit of creativity and "growth," here is a fresh style of editing on a fresh face. Isn't she lovely??


Today I asked "what can I photograph that represents growth?" and Josh said "go outside and find something growing that shouldn't be." So that's what I did! Thanks Josh!


Day 2 of creativity. This week is dedicated to "growth" ...what better way to demonstrate growth than my rapidly growing 1 year old in front of her giant ruler? She is my tall, gangly child and is causing me to grow as well, in ways I never dreamed <3 


Here is my first installment in an effort to create something every day of 2016. This first week is dedicated to "growth" in its many forms and representations. This photo was taken before a photoshoot on New Year's Day in Seashore State Park.