5 Answered Questions on Maternity Photos! Featuring: Ericka and Eric

If you've ever wondered about how to prep for maternity photos, look no further! Ericka and Eric's maternity shoot inspired me to answer some questions about the perfect pregnancy photo session, because, well, their session was perfect. 

1. When is the right time to schedule maternity photos?
Answer: between 28 and 35 weeks! This is the ideal time because your bump is big and beautiful, but you don't yet feel like an apple on stilts. (Speaking from experience here.)


2. What is the best location for maternity photos?
Answer: Wherever you feel most comfortable! By the water, in the woods, or downtown...some of my favorite shoots are even done in the living room, or the new baby's nursery, with the mama wearing comfy clothes and drinking a hot drink. 

3. Do I need to bring any props?
Answer: Totally up to you! As a photographer I will gladly incorporate your ideas into our collaboration, but if you don't have any props I am happy to take the creative lead and capture moments that suit your family!

4. What should I wear?
Answer: Go simple - lots of neutrals with maybe one pop of color. Make sure that you and the other participants of your shoot are not too "matchy matchy." You don't even have to be wearing any of the same colors, as long as your outfits complement one another's. Comfort is also key - the camera can sense when you don't feel at ease!

5. What kind of poses will we do?
Answer: This has a lot to do with your particular photographer's style and comfort zone, so obviously poses can vary. But I will answer for myself: I like to see you and your spouse and/or other children looking super comfortable and natural. I always aim to take 1 or 2 "cheese" pictures - you know, one to give to the grandmas and aunties - but for the most part I will ask you to interact, talk about what you love and what you're excited about, and capture you doing it. Bottom line - I want to see the emotion that fuels your family come to life on camera.

And that's what you need to know! A big thank you to Ericka and Eric for demonstrating the perfect session and for being such generally cool people. Families like yours make my job so fun!