• Zack + Ashley • Whimsical Cape Charles Wedding •

Zack and Ashley got married on October 2nd, at a gorgeous seaside barn in Cape Charles, Virginia. With weather in the 70s and a perfect overcast sky, I was in photographer Heaven. Zack joked in his vows about how the only "normal" thing about this day was that they were taking a million pictures, as usual. :D I love that! I believe in going through life CELEBRATING as much and as often as possible, and that is something that Zack and Ashley do incredibly well. 

Ashley is a creative genius, as evidenced by everything from the bridesmaid's denim "getting ready" rompers to the entire suite of stationary designed and handcrafted for the occasion. I love imagining how Ashley's incredible taste and flair for whimsy will manifest itself in the years to come - in her home, her marriage, her work - it's going to be glorious!

  I could tell from the vows and the God-honoring ceremony that Zack and Ashley are under no illusions about the realities and challenges of married life, but that doesn't stop them from dreaming big and loving each other without restraint. Thank you guys for being an amazing example to the high school kids who adore you - and to the rest of us too. <3 

{A huge thank you to the amazing second-shooter for the day who captured lots of gorgeous shots - Samantha Searles! Check out her website here: http://www.samanthasearles.com/ }