Drew + Jenna

What a sparkling, joyful, memorable day. My husband and I had Jenna and Drew over for dinner a few weeks before their wedding, and when the door closed behind them, Josh looked at me and said "I like them!" I like them too - and I knew from our first conversation with this couple that their wedding would be so special. They are so down-to-earth and genuine, and have the kind of glow and charisma that only comes from authentic love for others.

There were so many memorable moments - from the one-of-a-kind charge given by the father of the groom/minister to his son during the ceremony, to the crazy stories from the best man and maid of honor (who are themselves engaged!!) about how they met through Drew and then introduced Drew to Jenna...you can't make this stuff up! I am always a pile of mush during father/daughter moments, but this was an especially teary day for me because Jenna's dad actually recorded a version of "I Loved Her First" which they danced to together. It goes without saying that there wasn't a dry eye in the room. 

I've posted a few of my favorite moments from their gorgeous day...enjoy Drew and Jenna, and I am praying that God gives you a lifetime of love and happiness together!