I grew up as an starry-eyed wild-child in the foothills of Appalachia. Late on sun-drenched afternoons, I would don a non-descript flowy dress (think "Little House on the Prairie") from my dress-up box, and set out into the emerald woods. Surrounded by moss-covered fallen trees I would read Anne of Green Gables, write some pretty awful poems, and just gaze, lovestruck, at the opulent beauty spilling from the dark Alabama dirt. Shafts of golden light illuminated verdant corners of the deep woods, and every day there was something new to discover...lime green moths the size of my hand, hibernating water moccasins, litters of ferrel kittens, and horses put out to pasture in fields that bordered our property. On occasion I would take a disposable camera out into the woods, with high hopes of capturing some of the sparkling beauty I witnessed each day. Inevitably, I would be disappointed. The pictures would come back flat, colorless, and untrue to the original. Eventually I gave up. I wrote about beauty instead. (I have a minor in Creative Writing). 

Fast forward to 2013. I was 25, and it was my second Christmas as a married woman. I suspected that children were in our future, and so, like many young moms, I wanted a nice camera. My sweet husband bought me my first DSLR - a Canon Rebel T3I. That's when everything changed. On a hike through the Smokies a few days later, I stopped along the path to snap a picture of a mossy stone. When I pulled away to look at the back of the camera, I quickly caught my breath. That was it. It looked the same! The depth, the glistening dew, the vibrant green, the delicate mist...it was all there on my little screen.

Ever since then, I have passionately pursued digital photography. (maybe someday film photography? #pipedreams) I have traded in my Rebel for a Canon 5D Mark III, have spent a little too much (sorry Josh) on lenses, and have logged countless late nights watching tutorials, editing photos, and drooling/sweating/crying/exclaiming over every new session.

This passion for capturing beauty - for stopping at NOTHING to get an image to perfectly reflect the magic of reality - is what I will bring to our session. When you book a session with me, I will listen to your vision, I will find out what your "good side" is, I will wait for your baby to cry/nurse/sleep, I will safety pin your wedding dress back together, I will remove every last speck of clutter from the frame, I will (try) to make you laugh in a natural way that is beautifully you, and I will get your photo-hating husband to look natural and sweet in front of the camera. In short, I will do whatever it takes to deliver a session you will love. 

{When I'm not shooting, I'm spending time with my handsome husband Josh, hanging out with my hilarious toddler Raleigh and her roly-poly little brother Boone, watching the show "Felicity", day-dreaming about autumn, writing poetry, listening to NPR/Christmas music/La La Land soundtrack, or taking a nap.}